Project Advocate

Plan: Establishing a clear and structured plan that outlines the project’s direction, scope, and objectives, ensuring all team members are aligned and understand the goals. 
  1. Equipment Calculation
  2. Burn Calculation
  3. Grain Depression
  4. Moisture Calculation
  5. Air Flow
  6. Equipment Movement

Process: Implementing effective project management processes to keep the project on track, including task assignment, risk management, communication, and quality control. 
  1. Equipment Analysis
  2. Project Umpire
  3. Project Documentation 
  4. Project Analysis

People: Focusing on the human element, building the right team, maintaining motivation, resolving conflicts, and providing strong leadership to drive project success. 
  1. Prepare Preliminary Remediation Work Plan
  2. Prepare Perliminary Environmental Plan
  3. Drying Log 
  4. Equipment Log
  5. Moisture Log
  6. Auditing
  7. Site Condition
  8. Work-delivery  
  9. Site Management 

Power: Utilizing the influence and authority of stakeholders and decision-makers effectively to guide the project and make impactful decisions. 
  1. Feasibilty Assessment
  2. Risk Identification
  3. Cost and Resource
  4. Stakeholder Alignment
  5. Scope and Deliverable
  6. Performance Tracking and Monitoring 
  7. Continuous Improvement 


about us

The EGA-Commissioner (EGA-Cx) is a highly skilled third-party that verifies the work performed by a competent cleaning and restoration contractor. The Restorer who is tasked of restorative cleaning and restoration know it involves complex set of knowledge, science, engineering, and understanding that cannot be described in a few simple sentences. A qualified restorer knows that the success of a project is not determined by an invoice or the momentary activities at the project site. 


EGA-Cx follows a systematic approach for creating a Restoration Work Plan (RWP) or protocol based on a quantitative review of project documentation, industry best practices, and innovative ideas. The process involves a thorough analysis of the science, knowledge, and experience behind the cleaning and restoration work. This project analysis is then used to validate the RWP or protocol by developing a unique site plan for achieving the desired outcomes. The plan outlines specific goals, stages, and phases for completing the cleaning and restoration task, providing a clear and quantifiable roadmap for the Restorers to follow. 


By utilizing EGA-Cx, Restorers can allow EGA-Cx demonstrate their expertise, knowledge to building science and true field exposure and experience to craft the documentation that accomplishes quantitating the cleaning and restoration practices and project. This not only ensures the quality of the agreed-upon work but also validates for building owners and mutually interested parties.  

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